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Monitoring & Management:
As it says with respect to the management and game tracking service, "Caça & Tour" has the necessary logistical means , as well as a team of professionals with extensive experience and knowledge of the game sector and the different game species larger and smaller than compose it.
Hunting Reserves:
"Caça & Tour" provides a wide range of services for monitoring and managing game reserves, adopting and outlining the management plan according to the objectives sought by the clients. To ensure the maximum satisfaction and comfort of our customers, our game management plan has a detailed and meticulous analysis by our team, so that we can outline the ideal game plan and actions according to the specifics of the game reserve. hunting in question (type of terrain, available water resources, area, type of existing fauna and flora, among other specificities).
  • Game guidance and monitoring;
  • Hunting organization;
  • Seeders, feeders and drinking fountains;
  • Construction of fences, lakes, hunting grounds (moors, majanos, reproduction structures, etc.);
  • Game signaling, inspection;
  • Predator control;
  • Treatment of bureaucratic processes, promotional marketing, among others.
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